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Back Next Week

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Just an update to those of you that haven’t given up on this newsblog… I’ll be back on the Capitol and political beat next week, after seven weeks of paternity leave. Like most new parents, I’m learning to live without … Continue reading »

Rep. McClintock, R-Sacramento?

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A little political intrigue for the end of the week, as a newspaper report suggests California’s most recognizable conservative lawmaker may be considering a run for Congress from Sacramento. Washington, D.C. based Roll Call reports today that state Sen. Tom … Continue reading »

Nunez: Dems Will Fix Budget Solo, If Needed

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With the clock ticking for legislators to resolve the current year fiscal crisis, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez vowed today to do it without Republicans if necessary. In comments to the Sacramento Press Club, the Los Angeles Democrat emphasized that he … Continue reading »

Memo To The Rest of You...

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In the latest political love poem from the national media to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the new edition of Esquire magazine proclaims that the governor is leading the nation into a “new kind of politics.” The March cover story, “The President of … Continue reading »


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The most interesting voting controversy in the state this afternoon seems to be in Los Angeles County, where some non-partisan voters are apparently unaware that they have to fill in an extra bubble on their ballot if they want to … Continue reading »

Fat Tuesday, California Style

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The sun is up, the polls are opening across the Golden State, and for political watchers one of the most interesting California primaries in modern times is finally here. It’s going to be a long day, especially for the political … Continue reading »

4 Years... 700,000 More Voters

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(Sorry for the long absence with all of last month’s big political news… as mentioned before, the new little one in the family has kept me away from the hustle and bustle. Look for more frequent blog entries this month! … Continue reading »