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Health Care Financing Initiative Filed

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Late word this afternoon that the initiative has been filed for funding the health care reform plan now awaiting state Senate approval, with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez as its official authors. The initiative asks voters to … Continue reading »

Podcast: Denouement

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In our final edition of the Capital Notes Podcast for 2007 we examine this week’s big developments in Sacramento on health care reform. And we check in on the battle brewing over the term limits initiative, Proposition 93. Capitol Weekly … Continue reading »

Fiscal Emergency On The Way

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Confirming what’s been discussed inside the state Capitol for the last few weeks, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today that he will declare a fiscal state of emergency early next month and will call a special session of the Legislature to … Continue reading »

Cal Chamber: No on Prop 93

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The state’s most prominent and politically powerful business organization has decided to formally oppose the February ballot initiative that would modify legislative term limits. The board of directors of the California Chamber of Commerce has voted to oppose Proposition 93. … Continue reading »

Obama: I Want... Arnold?

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This is a fun story, just large enough to land on the radar… yet only worth a blogging, in my opinion. Sen. Barack Obama reportedly said he’d consider choosing Republicans like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger should be elected to the White … Continue reading »

Happy Holidays... All 37,771,000 of You

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The latest population figures for the Golden State are in, and the slowdown in growth over the last few years continues. That being said, long-term growth is still pretty strong… as California’s population is now 11.5% larger than it was … Continue reading »

Obama's Hidden Strength?

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The new Field Poll out this morning obviously shows Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton with a strong lead among California voters. But the poll is also full of data that points to some real strong undercurrents favoring Sen. Barack Obama. For … Continue reading »

Health Care... And More

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Below is an audio link to this morning’s edition of The California Report, where we reported on yesterday’s health care reform actions here at the state Capitol. There’s also an interesting piece from my colleague Tamara Keith on a brewing … Continue reading »

Anti-Crime Initiative Cashes In

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If it’s true that getting an initiative on the ballot is largely a function of how much money you can raise, the latest measure touted as a new crime fighting law is well on its way. The initiative, sponsored by … Continue reading »

Tryin' To Reason With Signature Gathering Season

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With apologies to Jimmy Buffett, the headline simply means that the next thing you’re going to hear about health care is what happens on the streets in 2008… and not what happens at the state Capitol for the rest of … Continue reading »