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Podcast: Pervasive Malaise

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As the state Capitol continues to sit smack in the middle of the political news doldrums, the Capital Notes Podcast develops a “pervasive malaise.” Okay, not our malaise… (and that’s Anthony’s description) but perhaps one for lawmakers and political insiders, … Continue reading »

Lottery Bonds, Not Lease?

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An analysis from the state treasurer’s office suggests that rather than privatizing the California Lottery, it might be more profitable for the state to sell bonds paid back by future lottery revenues. The issue was raised in a legislative hearing … Continue reading »

Lock Down... Mortgages, Prisoners

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And now, the worst kept secret in California political reporting: it’s a slow news season. With health care reform stuck in a perpetual state of “private negotiations” and water bond talks apparently all but finished for the year, there’s slim … Continue reading »

The Great State of... Emergency?

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It’s not just beauty that’s in the eye of the beholder. Today’s legislative hearing on California’s mounting deficit included a lesson on the gray areas of state government — specifically, the vagueness of a “fiscal emergency.” You’ll remember that three … Continue reading »

Governor: Yes On Casino Measures

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The arguments both for and against four Indian gaming referendums have been submitted, with Governor Schwarzenegger making the formal plea for a yes vote. The draft documents are now posted online for Propositions 94, 95, 96, and 97. The four … Continue reading »

Tidbits: Back To Work

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Now that the effects of all of that tryptophan-laced turkey have worn off, it’s back to the trenches. WHO’S IN YOUR COMMUNITY? One of the more intriguing parts of the political redistricting debate has always been defining one’s community of … Continue reading »

Happy TD

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See you next week, after the holiday.

SF Sues Over Voting Machines, Too

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“There can be no more important duty in a representative democracy than to conduct elections, and it is a travesty to see that duty so flagrantly undermined by the fraudulent conduct of an election systems vendor.” That’s the statement released … Continue reading »

Bowen Sues Over Voting Machines

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The state’s top elections officer is going after one of the companies that provides voting machines to California counties, alleging that the company broke the law when it sold five counties new voting machines that did not have state certification … Continue reading »

Podcast: The Return Of 37

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This week, the Capital Notes Podcast gives you a quick sample of remarks made by former Governor Gray Davis, who spoke this week to the Sacramento Press Club. The former guv (California’s 37th, hence the headline) was candid, thoughtful, and… … Continue reading »