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New Health Care Deadline

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Politicos seem to need deadlines, and so the leader of the state Assembly set a new one today: a vote on health care reform by November 26. In his remarks at today’s hearing on Governor Schwarzenegger’s health care proposal, Assembly … Continue reading »

Back To Health Care

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The year’s big policy debate will be back in the spotlight tomorrow as the Assembly Health Committee convenes to examine Governor Schwarzenegger’s health care proposal. Depending on who you believe, health care reform at this point either has a lot … Continue reading »

Dems Up Ante On Electoral Initiative

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It’s relatively quiet these days in terms of political news in California… which means that the brawl over a ballot initiative to rejigger the awarding of electoral votes has the stage all to itself. Today, Democrats upped the ante by … Continue reading »

The Week That Was

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It was not, as you know, a quiet week in California. A week of devastating fires, heroic efforts, and questions of proper fire protection policy have left everyone… a little tired. As frequent visitors have now surmised, there was no … Continue reading »

POTUS, The Terminator, And More

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For those who have never seen a White House press pool report (only a few reporters get to tag along, so they share their notes with all others in the press), today’s fire tour with President Bush, Governor Schwarzenegger, U.S. … Continue reading »

"As Much As You May Hate It..."

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ABC reporter finds herself arm wrestling with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As we used to say… film at 11. Okay, not really. But this clip does prove one thing: the governor’s not buying any of those reports that some locals in … Continue reading »

Dean: GOP Wants To "Neuter" California

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Beware, California voters, of emasculation — according to Howard Dean. The chairman of the Democratic National Committee came out swinging today against Monday’s news of a new campaign to qualify the initiative changing how California’s electoral votes are awarded. And … Continue reading »

Groups File Redistricting Initiative

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Advocates of a new independent way for drawing political maps in California submitted their own proposed ballot initiative on the issue today after negotiations for a legislative change to the system failed to gain any traction this year at the … Continue reading »

Electoral Initiative Back... With Big Bucks?

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With homage to Mark Twain and his wry remarks about those who declare death too soon, the initiative to change how California’s votes for the White House are counted is back… and may have enough cash to gather the needed … Continue reading »

Golden State Green

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As the week comes to an end, there’s some interesting new data compiled on the moolah presidential candidates are raising in California. In a word: lots. The Center for Responsive Politics has compiled fundraising data on all the major party … Continue reading »