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Barack, John, And... Arnold?

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SAN DIEGO– One final thought from this weekend’s California Democratic Party convention, as Capitol reporters like me head back north this afternoon: Is there more common ground on one greenhouse gas issue between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic presidential candidates… … Continue reading »


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For a portion of the speech from Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) at today’s state Democratic convention, click here. For a portion of the speech from Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) at today’s state Democratic convention, click here.

Dems, Day Deux

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SAN DIEGO– Day two of the California Democratic Party’s convention is halfway over, and delegates seem to be elated over the lavish attention they’re getting from the party’s candidates for president. One Democratic strategist called the lineup of potential presidential … Continue reading »

D Is For Democrats

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SAN DIEGO– There they were, a small but vocal group of women, yelling at the top of their lungs as the crowds came down the escalator. “Impeach Bush and Cheney! Impeach Bush and Cheney!” Translation: welcome to the California Democratic … Continue reading »

Education: More Money, But Not Mine

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Tonight’s new poll on Californians and public schools has some interesting new insights, and one very familiar theme: spend more, but don’t ask me for it. The Public Policy Institute of California survey finds a few shifting thoughts about education… … Continue reading »

Community College Initiative Qualifies

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If you’re keeping score at home of the number of initiatives on the February 5, 2008 presidential ballot, add #2 to the list. This morning, elections officials certified an initiative that would establish specific funding and student fees for community … Continue reading »

Fabian Hearts Hillary

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On Monday, I interviewed Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez in his Capitol office about the amendments to his health care reform bill. And at more than one point, Nunez seemed to gush about the lessons he says he learned from Sen. … Continue reading »

Tribe Knocks On Doors, Places Calls

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Consider it a gradual ratcheting up of pressure on the Assembly to approve those revised, and controversial, Indian gaming agreements. Sources have confirmed that the Moronogo Band of Mission Indians has begun a new campaign for its gaming deal that … Continue reading »

Tribe Takes To The Airwaves

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Making good on the chatter from last week, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians has released its TV ad that urges viewers to call their legislators and ask that the revised gaming agreements be ratified. You can see the ad … Continue reading »

Week Enders

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A few items of note as the week draws to a close, and they all just happen to thematically go together. * Tribal PR: One of the five tribes whose revised gaming deal passed the Senate on Thursday is shifting … Continue reading »