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The Cash

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Final campaign finance reports for the 2006 election are due today, and are still trickling in as the day ends. And boy, there was a lot of cash changing hands. A few notables (updated as more info becomes available): * … Continue reading »

One City, Two Casinos, Three Months

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That kind of sums up the latest chapter on efforts to bring two tribal casinos to the city of Barstow, as new legislation was introduced today to finally ratify these unusual… and controversial… deals. The formal gaming compacts struck between … Continue reading »

Senate GOP: Ax The First 5 Commission

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Republicans in the state Senate have rolled out their health care reform proposal, and it includes a final swipe at the commission once led by actor/director Rob Reiner: abolish the commission, and use the money to fund an expansion of … Continue reading »


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If this were Jeopardy, then that’s the answer to the question posed today by Assemblymember Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys): “How many legislators does it take to change a light bulb?” Levine announced today that he’s introducing legislation to ban the … Continue reading »

Get Your Motor Running

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An interesting new report from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office gives some real numbers to fuel the frustration most Californians have with traffic jams and other transportation woes. One good example, lifted right out of the first pages of the … Continue reading »

Health Care, Yes... Prisons, No

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Some interesting tidbits can be found in the just-released poll from the Public Policy Institute of California about Californians’ opinions on health care reform, their elected leaders, and the state’s troubled prison system. You can read the entire poll here. … Continue reading »

Switzerland, Dams... & Spanking?

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Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s morning news conference was billed as a preview of his trip to a Swiss economic forum touting California’s global warming initiatives. But before it was over, he found himself sticking up for some issues, hinting at … Continue reading »

Perata Airs Hx Care TV Ad

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The ink is hardly dry on the various health care reform proposals floating around the Capitol, and already one of the big players in the debate has taken his case to the airwaves. Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata (D-Oakland) … Continue reading »

The Bellwether of Bipartisanship?

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Our friends at National Public Radio have launched a series of reports this week on the new buzz around the nation of bipartisanship, in a series they call “Crossing The Divide.” This afternoon, NPR correspondent Ina Jaffe took a closer … Continue reading »

No Primary State Tour, Health Care, Nancy Who?

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Governor Schwarzenegger made his annual appearance today at the Sacramento Press Club. And as usual, he fielded questions on just about every political and policy topic out there. Contrary to some of the suggestions made recently, the governor downplayed his … Continue reading »