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Bed Rest?

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It certainly seems like Governor Schwarzenegger wants folks to know that a broken leg isn’t keeping him from his official duties. The above photo from the governor’s office was released this morning, along with a statement from Schwarzenegger that he … Continue reading »

Hold That Thought

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A break from politics for me for the next 10 days or so, as I head to Kauai and all of you head out to your holiday festivities. Here’s wishing you the best! Mahalo, and Aloha. –JM

Writing The Checks For The Big Bash

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s inaugural committee has a new set of bipartisan co-chairs, and an equally impressive set of financial heavy-hitters who are footing the bill for the festivities that begin on Friday, January 5. The co-chairs announced today range from former … Continue reading »

Dem Calls Fellow Dem "Racist"

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This week’s story concerning an investigation into honorary badges issued by a Democratic legislator just got a little more strange… and more heated. Assemblymember Mervyn Dymally (D-LA) has come under fire for handing out law enforcement-looking badges that identify the … Continue reading »

A New Partner Up North

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is again pushing to extend his influence on the issue of global warming beyond California’s borders, by striking an agreement today on greenhouse gas emissions with the Canadian province of Manitoba. Earlier today in Santa Monica, the … Continue reading »

Governor's New Senior Staff

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As Governor Schwarzenegger prepares for a second term in office, he’s bringing in a few new faces and shuffling some of the current folks to new positions. Dan Dunmoyer becomes the governor’s new Cabinet Secretary, the main liaison between Schwarzenegger’s … Continue reading »

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

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If you’re going to follow what appears to be the single biggest issue in California politics this year, then you’re going to need to learn a few key terms, starting with… “Pay or play”… “Mr. MIBB”… “ERISA”… and, today’s most … Continue reading »

High Hopes, Low Expectations?

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The release of a new comprehensive post-election statewide poll shows that voters feel pretty optimistic about things in the Golden State… but at the same time, don’t expect too much in the way of change. The survey from the Public … Continue reading »

Governor: Political System "Stuck In The Status Quo"

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The last time Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attempted to push a plan to redraw political districts, he stood in a Sacramento suburban neighborhood and started pulling up some red tape that had been laid down to show how two side-by-side homes … Continue reading »

Redistricting & Term Limits

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[Late word: Governor Schwarzenegger now appears poised to release details of his own proposal tomorrow morning. –JM] Every political reporter, as much as we were working on other stories today, wanted to know whether there is new life to the … Continue reading »