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Stem Cell Research Loan Approved

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California’s effort to fund stem cell research received a hefty infusion of cash today from state government. Earlier today, state Department of Finance director Mike Genest signed off on a $150 million loan to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. … Continue reading »

Split Decision On Voting Machines

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A federal court has ruled that disabled voters cannot sue California elections officials on the basis of federal election law, but can continue their legal battle over allegations that certain voting machines are not accessible. The case, filed earlier this … Continue reading »

Cabinet Secretary To Depart

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Late word this afternoon from administration sources, confirming that Governor Schwarzenegger’s Cabinet secretary, Fred Aguiar, has decided to leave the administration. Aguiar, a former legislator, was Schwarzenegger’s first secretary of state and consumer services, and moved up to the job … Continue reading »

The "Ambitious Agenda"

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In the wake of numerous post-election/post-Thanksgiving news reports about the pending agenda of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, this morning the governor’s communications team laid out an overview for Capitol reporters. And as the above quote from that briefing points out, the … Continue reading »

Turkeys Beware...

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Just a note to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Barring any cooking catastrophes or lingering effects of tryptophan, I’ll see you back here next week. Cheers!

Correa Lead Expands

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Democrat Lou Correa’s lead over Republican Lynn Daucher has grown with another day of votes counted in Orange County’s 34th Senate district, the final piece of the legislative puzzle for 2007. The latest unofficial results now show Correa ahead of … Continue reading »

SD 34: Correa Pulls Ahead

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Another day of vote counting down in Orange County’s 34th Senate district has turned the race upside down– with Democrat Lou Correa, who had appeared to lose on election night, now holding a 282 vote lead over Republican Lynn Daucher. … Continue reading »

The Gala He Never Got

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When Arnold Schwarzenegger took the oath of office as California’s 38th governor three years ago tomorrow, he pretty much went right to work. No lavish soirees, no inaugural balls with formal evening attire… just an outdoor ceremony, a luncheon with … Continue reading »

SD 34: Gap Narrows

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Republican Lynn Daucher continues to lead Democrat Lou Correa as returns trickle in from the 34th Senate race in Orange County. But her lead is getting smaller, not larger. Today’s unofficial returns show Daucher now ahead by 147 votes. That’s … Continue reading »

Guv's Top Legislative Aide To Leave

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The transitions of top staffers has begun at the Capitol… with the biggest departure being Governor Schwarzenegger’s top liaison to the Legislature heading back to the private sector. Richard Costigan, who has been Schwarzenegger’s legislaive affairs secretary since 2003, is … Continue reading »