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Voters Rate The "Reforminator"

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This morning’s Field Poll focuses, in part, on the questions raised by some of my reporting earlier this week: whether Governor Schwarzenegger can fairly claim to have reformed the worst of politics as usual. (Click here for the earlier posting, … Continue reading »

Voters Sending A Message?

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In the race for governor, the running dialogue among many political watchers is all about the efficacy of what the candidates are choosing to talk about… or not talk about. And new poll numbers seem to validate what a lot … Continue reading »

The Other Greenhouse Gas Bill...

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[update 3:15pm- Well, not so fast. Aides now say the governor is delaying the signing of the bill, apparently because Sen. Perata wasn’t able to make it to today’s signing ceremonies. However, they say Schwarzenegger still intends to sign it … Continue reading »

Perception = Reality

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Ask anyone who’s either involved in politics or watches it for a living, and sooner or later you’ll hear them use this equation. And the two polls out this morning are probably going to hammer home this same idea when … Continue reading »

That's What Friends Are For

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The TV ads being released today by the group of labor unions that roughed up Arnold Schwarzenegger last year seem to raise two important political points on this day– exactly six weeks from the November 7 election. Point #1: Even … Continue reading »

The Reforminator?

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“The people of this state do not trust their government. They feel it is corrupted by dirty money, closed doors, and back room dealings.” That was candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the most policy-specific speeches he delivered during the … Continue reading »

Bada Bing... Again

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Steve Bing digs alternative energy sources. Or so it seems, as the folks working to pass Proposition 87 have announced that the reclusive and wealthy Hollywood producer handed over another $13.5 million to the campaign today. Bing’s contributions in support … Continue reading »

A Fate Worse Than Death?

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No major news in today’s annual report from State Auditor Elaine Howle on investigations her office has conducted as part of California’s Whistleblower Protection Act. Rather, a piece of advice for state workers: if you miss work due to the … Continue reading »

Arnold & George, Part Deux

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Democratic operatives are eager to point out the connections between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush. But their latest effort is somewhat undercut… by one of their own. This afternoon, the California Democratic Party sent out a memo … Continue reading »

Who's Responsible?

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Attendees at today’s Sacramento Press Club luncheon were treated to a feisty exchange of political viewpoints in a friendly forum featuring GOP Chairman Duf Sundheim and Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres. A lot was talked about, but the award for … Continue reading »