What's In A Name?

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The answer: a lot, apparently, if you're running a campaign against an initiative, and your opponents have bought all of the obvious website names that you'd like to use.

The campaigns for and against Proposition 87 on the November ballot are shaping up to be big operations. The initiative, if approved by voters, would impose a tax on oil drilling in California, with the proceeds of the money directed toward research of alternative energy sources.

Every campaign these days has a website full of facts and figures. But for those trying to find the opponents of Prop 87, and who type in addresses like www.noon87.com and www.noonprop87.org... and the brower takes you to a page that highlights the oil industry backers to the campaign against the initiative. There is, however, a small link at the bottom of the page that will take you through to the anti-87 website.

Today, the No on 87 campaign filed a lawsuit in Alameda County, asking a judge to force their opponents to stop "sitting" on the domain names. The lawsuit invokes a 2001 state law that the plaintiffs say is directly on point.

For the record, the anti-87 website can be found here. And the pro-87 website is here.



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