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Fast Cash

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The latest campaign finance reports have now been filed. And as always, there are noteworthy items to be found somewhere below the headlines. Of course, the headlines are going to get the attention of political watchers: the campaigns of Governor … Continue reading »

No Slam Dunks For Bond Measures

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If you apply the conventional wisdom about a California ballot measure– that anything polling below 60% in the early days could face trouble– then the infrastructure bonds on the November ballot are a long ways away from a sure thing. … Continue reading »

An Even Larger Lead?

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This is the week of polls in the race for governor, and the just released survey from the Public Policy Institute of California packs a wallop: a 13 point lead for Arnold Schwarzenegger over Phil Angelides. Among all likely voters, … Continue reading »

Burton and Brulte, Together Again

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The two former leaders of the California Senate, who used to sit across a table and debate the state budget, will now apparently sit across a table at some point and debate… debates. Word is that the campaign of Democrat … Continue reading »

"It Was The Wrong Decision"

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That’s what Governor Schwarzenegger said yesterday about his vote in favor of Proposition 187 in 1994, a ballot measure that has long fueled Latino voter anger at the Republican party. In an interview with the editorial board of La Opinion, … Continue reading »

Governor's Trip To Mexico Delayed

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Word is that Governor Schwarzenegger’s high profile trade mission to Mexico will not happen next month, and will be delayed until after the November 7 gubernatorial election. The governor’s press secretary, Margita Thompson, made the announcement this morning at her … Continue reading »

If There's A Silver Lining...

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in the new Field Poll out today for Phil Angelides, it may be this: given the depth of data showing renewed support for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the poll shows the Democratic challenger down by only 7 points. Like I said, that … Continue reading »

New Poll, Tight Race?

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The latest public poll in the race for governor shows a tight race, but gives a slight edge to Democrat Phil Angelides over Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today’s Zogby poll, mainly conducted online, shows Angelides at 44% and Schwarzenegger at 42.3%. … Continue reading »

Political Jabs

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A couple of early round punches were thrown today in the race for governor: one from Democrats against Governor Schwarzenegger, and another that certainly seemed like a jab from the governor towards challenger Phil Angelides. The California Democratic Party paid … Continue reading »

Governor OK's Stem Cell Loan

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Governor Schwarzenegger has decided to wade into this week’s hot button debate over stem cell research. Today, he authorized a loan to the state’s new stem cell institute of $150 million in taxpayer funds, while the billions of dollars in … Continue reading »