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November Ballot, In Order

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Here’s the official list, with ballot numbers, of the November 7 ballot, just released by Secretary of State Bruce McPherson: Proposition 1A: Modification of 2002’s transportation funding initiative, Proposition 42. Proposition 1B-1E: The $37 billion in infrastructure bonds placed on … Continue reading »

Signed, Sealed, And Blue Penciled

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a new $131.4 billion state budget into law, but not before using the chief executive’s blue pencil to scratch out a few spending items. First, the headline. The budget is now in place for the … Continue reading »

Squaring Off Over LAUSD

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Maybe it’s the fact that this year’s budget debate was so, well, calm. But this morning’s latest round of a battle over the future of the Los Angeles Unified School District seemed particularly intense– so much so that at one … Continue reading »

Quickies: Budget, Bills, Victims, Levees, Lobbying

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A number of newsworthy items bubbling up today at the Capitol. * Budget Yes, Prop 36 Reform Maybe?: An interesting subplot in tonight’s $130.9 billion budget vote could be the fate of drug treatment programs first approved by voters in … Continue reading »

Budget Deal Details Emerge

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Details are still a little sketchy on the new state budget agreed to by legislative Democrats and Republicans today. Closed-door caucus meetings laid out the overview for rank and file members late today, and we’re told the actual bill will … Continue reading »

Public Campaign Financing Qualifies

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A much discussed proposal to publicly fund campaigns for state office has qualified for the November 7 ballot. The proposal, sponsored by the California Nurses Association, mirrors similar efforts that failed in the Legislature this year. The campaign cash would … Continue reading »

Budget Deal

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“We have reached a tentative agreement on a balanced, responsible budget today after several months of productive discussion. It reflects the values of both parties and moves our state forward. We hope to have a vote prior to July 1.” … Continue reading »

Prisons: "Monumental Challenges"

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That was the assessment of Governor Schwarzenegger today in a speech in which he announced a special session of the Legislature to deal with California’s problem-plagued prison system, and propsoals ranging from new prison construction to counseling for prisoners about … Continue reading »

In Search Of... The Big Five

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In case anyone’s keeping tabs, the new fiscal year for the state begins just 10 days from today. And a budget deal remains elusive, tied up largely over issues ranging from debt repayment to state subsidized health care for children. … Continue reading »

Special Election Reimbursement: Not Yet

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Under the headline “interesting but largely unnoticed news” this week, Senate Democrats balked at a plan to reimburse counties for the cost of the 2005 special election called by Governor Schwarzenegger. AB 1634, by Assemblymember Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) would allow … Continue reading »