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May Revise: Suspension, Humor

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And for the final posting in this series, two small but noteworthy items related to the governor’s revised budget: * The “S” Word: The word is “suspension.” On January 8, 2004 Governor Schwarzenegger and education leaders called their now infamous … Continue reading »

May Revise: "Waste, Fraud, & Abuse"

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That was undoubtedly one of the most common catch-phrase issues of the 2003 recall campaign. And the anger behind wasteful state spending was part of what the Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign rode all the way to election day. So what happened … Continue reading »

May Revise: Dems React

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If the political pundits are to be listened to, today was the equivalent of Black Friday for the two Democrats running for governor. After all, they argue, why would voters fire the guy who just paid back the IOU to … Continue reading »

May Revise: Pennies From Heaven

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Most of the budget press conferences in the Arnold Schwarzenegger era have sounded like a lesson in tough love… tighten the belt, can’t spend what we don’t have, live within our means, etc. But today it was more like when … Continue reading »