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Senators Examine Border Mission

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A long and detailed state Senate hearing about plans to send the California National Guard to help out at the border with Mexico revealed a few interesting items– including that the federal government still hasn’t signed off on the arrangement, … Continue reading »

Guest Lecturer: A. Schwarzenegger

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A handful of college students received an unusual lesson in government studies today, courtesy of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the students got much more… including a hint into the governor’s own work ethic. In a small classroom on the campus … Continue reading »

Ready, Set, Vote

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The annual speed course on the legislative process has begun– also known as the final week for bills to clear their house of origin. And it’s not a small stack of bills to sift through, especially in this holiday-shortened week. … Continue reading »

Tune In: Ethanol, The Last 717

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As the Memorial Day weekend begins, let me suggest a few items on this week’s newsmagazine edition of The California Report. With gas prices steadily hovering above $3 a gallon, California is building a budding ethanol industry. It’s being touted … Continue reading »

Westly, Angelides: In Their Own Words

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If you’d like to hear the two major Democratic candidates for governor in their own words, and facing questions from reporters and others, there’s an online site just for you. The Sacramento Press Club recently launched its website, complete with … Continue reading »


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There was a lot more celebration than confrontation in Thursday’s arrival of Mexican President Vicente Fox at the state Capitol– a day that began with news of immigration legislation being approved by the U.S. Senate, and ended with a lavish … Continue reading »

He Likes Phil, She Likes Steve

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The new poll from the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California is out, showing a new, but slight, lead in the Democratic gubernatorial race for self-proclaimed “underdog” Phil Angelides over challenger Steve Westly. But what seems even more interesting is … Continue reading »

Business Owners & Illegal Immigration

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In his comments on tomorrow’s visit by the president of Mexico, Governor Schwarzenegger expressed skepticism about current proposals to crack down on business owners who hire workers who are not legally in the United States. On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate … Continue reading »

Governor, Dems Prepare For Fox

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Reporters often like to focus on the drama of even mundane news events, but it’s hard not to notice the drama of what will happen tomorrow here in Sacramento. The plot: the leader of Mexico will be greeted in California’s … Continue reading »

"These Are Not New Commitments"

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The gist of Phil Angelides’ remarks this afternoon in his speech to the Sacramento Press Club was that he’s been consistent in both message and proposals for years– unlike, he says, either his Democratic gubernatorial opponent or the man who … Continue reading »