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"The Democrat Who Can Be Counted On"

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That’s how Phil Angelides says most delegates to the California Democratic Party convention see him, after his resounding win of the party’s gubernatorial endorsement over Steve Westly. The fact that Angelides would win over most of the 1,923 delegates in … Continue reading »

"We Need More Authenticity"

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That’s the message to the state’s Democrats from one of their rising stars, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who says he has not endorsed either of the two gubernatorial candidates, but who also says Democats need leaders in whom the … Continue reading »

AG Subpoenas Oil Company Documents

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In the latest installment of the high gas prices saga, Attorney General Bill Lockyer has decided to subpoena oil company documents, in an attempt to determine whether the companies are profiteering and price gouging. [Oil company executives] never provide the … Continue reading »

Minimum Wage, Sans Legislature?

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The author of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s preferred method for raising California’s minimum wage today suggested the governor could pretty much get what he wanted without the Legislature, using a dormant– but not dismantled– state commission. Sen. Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) … Continue reading »

Quicks: Bill Frenzy, Gas Prices, & More

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Keep ’em Coming: Even a casual observer of the Legislature realizes something’s up when committee hearings drag on for hours, with bill after bill after bill being placed in consideration. Nope, it’s not the normal pace of work… Friday is … Continue reading »

Warning: Spin Zone Ahead

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Don’t be surprised to see Governor Schwarzenegger or his allies declare victory in the effort to get levee help from President George W. Bush. At the same time, the governor’s critics will likely say he failed. And who knows, based … Continue reading »

New Prisons Chief Appointed

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The quick news of Jeanne Woodford’s resignation as acting secretary of the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has led to another quick announcement, with Governor Schwarzenegger appointing a new acting chief– the second in as many months. Woodford’s decision … Continue reading »

Mr. President: Hand It Over

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If California elected officials had their way, President George W. Bush would step off Air Force One tomorrow in San Jose and be frisked for his checkbook. Day two of the “show me the money” campaign included both a reiteration … Continue reading »

"It's Inexcusable"

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Some tough talk today from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger about the response so far from the federal government and President George W. Bush over help from back east for the state’s levees. At an afternoon news conference to mark the two … Continue reading »

Quicks: Jessica's Law, Westly, Rx Drugs

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Some quick mentions of goings-on for this first full day of sun in Sacramento in years… okay, maybe it just feels that way. * On The Ballot: A crime and punishment showdown is now set for November, as the initiative … Continue reading »