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Quick Hits: Openness, Campaign Cash, Hooky

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A few odds and ends… * Sunshine Training: Following a recent report that found many state agencies are worse at allowing public access to records than local governments, Governor Schwarzenegger has signed an executive order designed to improve the openness … Continue reading »

Reiner Exits Stage Left

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Two weeks ago, actor/director Rob Reiner sounded like a man who had no intention to giving in to what he saw as much ado about nothing. Two weeks later, he’s apparently had a change of heart. Reiner apparently told Governor … Continue reading »

"This Is A Strategic Issue"

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That quote seems to sum up the current debate over increasing the minimum wage in California, as Senate Democrats today moved forward their version of a pay hike and killed a version supported by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The comment came … Continue reading »

Tribal Casino Deal Debated

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If the Legislature signs off on a deal to allow two Indian tribes from different parts of the state to converge and build side-by-side casinos in the city of Barstow, will it be making lemonade out of lemons… or setting … Continue reading »

Governor's Campaign Kicks In

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Just for the record… Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name will not be on the November ballot for another 225 days. But his pitch for four more years takes to the airwaves today, with the very first re-election campaign TV ad. You can … Continue reading »

Tune In...

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For a break from infrastructure bonds and campaign maneuvers, I recommend some of the coverage from this weekend’s newsmagazine edition of The California Report. Following a week of protests in California over the issue of illegal immigration– based on action … Continue reading »

Quick Hits: Bonds, Budgeting, Initiatives

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A few items landing in the “in” box worth pondering today… * Infrastructure Bonds Might Fail? : A private poll out today suggests Californians might be a lot more worried about other issues than the state’s infrastructure. And bonds to … Continue reading »

Lockyer Sues Toll Road Project

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State officials and environmental advocates filed lawsuits today to stop the expansion of a toll road in Orange County, an expansion that would cut through San Onfore State Beach. Attorney General Bill Lockyer announced the lawsuit at a news conference … Continue reading »

Brother, Can You Spare $22,300?

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Campaign finance reports are now in for the first 90 days or so of 2006, and while the above headline refers to the new contribution limits for gubernatorial campaigns, there’s a pretty noticeable amount of money being spent all across … Continue reading »

On Message: Education

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have gotten any of his massive infrastructure plan through the Legislature in time to appear on the June 6 ballot, but he is continuing to try and hammer home the message with voters… this week, … Continue reading »