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An "Arnold Republican"

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Governor Schwarzenegger wrapped up his trip to Washington, DC today with a stop at the offices of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and a bit of levity about the difficult balancing act in trying to be a centrist in the world … Continue reading »

New Term Limits Battle?

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One of the biggest changes to California’s government structure in modern times may be back under discussion again, by both supporters and foes: term limits for members of the Legislature.Beginning last year and ongoing to the new year have been … Continue reading »

Democrat Ad War Begins

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It’s not cheap to buy political TV ads in many parts of California, and so it would seem still a bit early to lauch any big ad buy for the June 6 primary. But not for gubernatorial candidate Steve Westly. … Continue reading »

A New Challenge To Diebold Machines

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A leading state legislator now says last week’s decision by Secretary of State Bruce McPherson to allow some counties to use voting machines made by Diebold Elections Systems, Inc. violated state law. In a letter sent to McPherson yesterday, Senator … Continue reading »

Governor's Budget "Misses An Important Opportunity"

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That’s the overall assessment of Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill, who certainly doesn’t sugar coat her office’s assessment of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2006-07 state budget in a report out this morning. You can read the entire report here. Hill is releasing … Continue reading »

Nunez: $30 Billion In Bonds

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The jockeying over whose infrastructure bond package is the right one continues, with Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez today weighing in for an approximately $30 billion proposal, less than half the amount proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nunez told reporters today … Continue reading »

Diebold Voting Machines OK'd For June

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A major hurdle for elections officials in at least 17 counties was crossed this afternoon, when Secretary of State Bruce McPherson gave approval for voting machines made by Diebold Elections Systems to be used in the June 6 primary. Diebold … Continue reading »

Morales: Clemency Denied

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Governor Schwarzenegger has denied clemency to convicted killer Michael Morales. You can read the governor’s decision here. But the last paragraph is perhaps the most relevant: “Nothing in the record or the materials before me compels a grant of clemency. … Continue reading »

All-Mail Proposal To Get Hearing

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After several weeks of discussions, a bill to allow counties to conduct the June 6 primary by mail is scheduled to be heard next week in a Senate committee. The bill is AB 707 by Assemblymember Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), and … Continue reading »

Delay Governor's Prop 49?

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An effort is about to get underway to attempt to delay the implementation of the initiative on which Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cut his political teeth: after-school programs. Senator Tom Torlakson (D-Antioch) plans to introduce a proposed constitutional amendment to delay … Continue reading »