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Supplemental Income

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently hasn’t shied away from a practice that drew criticism earlier this year: paying consulting fees to staffers whose full-time job is funded by the taxpayers. Today’s campaign finance reports, which cover the final months of 2005, … Continue reading »

Campaign Cash: Governor's Race

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Speaking of spin… expect a lot of back and forth about the following numbers: Californians For Schwarzenegger 2006: about $2.53 million raised in 2005, some $3.1 million spent, about $147,000 cash on hand. Westly For Governor: $25.75 million raised in … Continue reading »

Campaign Cash: Big Bucks In 2005

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The old saying may be that “numbers don’t lie”, but expect an awful lot of political spinning over the meaning of 2005 year-end campaign finance reports that are supposed to be filed by the end of today. Hundreds of pages … Continue reading »