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Supplemental Income

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently hasn’t shied away from a practice that drew criticism earlier this year: paying consulting fees to staffers whose full-time job is funded by the taxpayers. Today’s campaign finance reports, which cover the final months of 2005, … Continue reading »

Campaign Cash: Governor's Race

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Speaking of spin… expect a lot of back and forth about the following numbers: Californians For Schwarzenegger 2006: about $2.53 million raised in 2005, some $3.1 million spent, about $147,000 cash on hand. Westly For Governor: $25.75 million raised in … Continue reading »

Campaign Cash: Big Bucks In 2005

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The old saying may be that “numbers don’t lie”, but expect an awful lot of political spinning over the meaning of 2005 year-end campaign finance reports that are supposed to be filed by the end of today. Hundreds of pages … Continue reading »

Public Financing Bill Moves Forward

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It was only a procedural movement, but an important one… as the Assembly today approved legislation to create a system of public financing for political campaigns. AB 583, from Assemblymember Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), would provide public funds to candidates for … Continue reading »

Clock Ticks On Voting Machines

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Look for a busy week to come in the ongoing saga of voting systems that can, or can’t, be used by California’s 58 counties in June. On Monday, Assemblymember Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) is expected to introduce legislation to allow Alameda … Continue reading »

Assembly GOP: Stash Cash Now For Projects

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The entire caucus of Assembly Republicans has signed onto a proposal to essentially squirrel away money for public works projects each year from the state General Fund… a “pay as you go” proposal that, if approved by voters, would be … Continue reading »

Salmon, Chicken, And Schwarzenegger

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One of the most freewheeling discussions that reporters have with any governor is the annual January luncheon of the Sacramento Press Club. And today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger continued that tradition… with a half-hour of Q&A on subjects ranging from the … Continue reading »

The Debate Begins

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Less than three weeks after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a massive public works proposal the centerpiece of his 2006 State of the State speech, the debate over specific parts of the proposal begins tomorrow. The governor’s $222 billion “Strategic Growth … Continue reading »

Less Federal Red Ink, More For California?

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The attempt in Congress to reduce the federal government’s massive deficit could cost California $3.1 billion, through a combination of reduced federal funds and extra state costs. That’s the early assessment out today from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. You … Continue reading »

Medicare Stopgap Goes To Governor

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With rapid speed, the Legislature this morning sent Governor Schwarzenegger a bill to step in and provide some temporary help for low-income and elderly Californians stuck in the Medicare reorganization quagmire. The bill, AB 132, allocates up to $150 million … Continue reading »