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A Larger Legislature?

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2005 has been another year where statewide polls have shown widespread dissatisfaction with the California Legislature. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once famously suggested that perhaps the Legislature should be downsized to a part-time operation. But some are now pondering just the … Continue reading »

'Tis The Season

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A note to all of you that the blogging will be taking a bit of a holiday until the New Year. It’s a little hard to keep watching California politics when in North Carolina visiting family, and (seemingly) being fed … Continue reading »

The Governor's Calendar

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It was one year ago today that reporters, and the public, got a look at the daily calendar of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first time a chief executive had handed over such documents. So one year later, what do those … Continue reading »

Biz Groups: No More Union Dues Battles

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An elaborate guessing game over a new showdown on union dues and political contributions appears to be over, at least for 2006. A statement released this morning by California Chamber of Commerce president Allan Zaremberg and California Business Roundtable chairman … Continue reading »

CJ's Demise Is Permanent

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The defunct California Journal will not return to cover the state’s political and policy debates, according to a news release this afternoon from the non-profit foundation that ran the monthly magazine. In January, the magazine’s backers suspended publication after 35 … Continue reading »

"A Time To Let Off Some Steam"

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[4:45pm UPDATE: Schwarzenegger emerged after a 1 hour private meeting with leaders of the California GOP to say that Republicans were “one big family.” And he reitereated his intentions to keep his administration moving “in the same direction” as before … Continue reading »

A Second Set Of Eyes...

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It may seem like only a real policy wonk would care about it, but a new state law for the first time provides some outside analysis of contract agreements struck between state employees and the executive branch. The law, written … Continue reading »

Lawsuit Attacks Non-Resident Tuition

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Almost four years after it went into effect, California’s law allowing some illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at UC, CSU, and community colleges is being challenged in a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed today in Yolo County (home … Continue reading »

Two Tobacco Taxes Become One

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Read any recent public opinion poll of Californians and you’ll find strong opposition to just about every kind of tax increase except for one: so-called “sin taxes”, levies charged on either alcohol or tobacco. Next November, voters may be asked … Continue reading »

No Admittance, No Clemency

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In reading the five page statement from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on denying clemency to convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams, it seems clear that a key sticking point for the governor was Williams’ long-standing denial of the four murders. Barring any … Continue reading »