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"I Never Get Stuck In A Mold"

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[THURSDAY NOTE: Sometimes deciphering what the governor says is quite a task. I’ve noticed that a few of my newspaper colleagues thought the above quote was actually, “I never get stuck in a mode.” Works either way for me, although … Continue reading »

Tighter Party-Candidate Money Rules

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California’s campaign watchdog agency appears poised to change the way the state’s political parties funnel cash to candidates, a change that stems from accusations of money laundering just days before the November 2002 election. Staffers at the Fair Political Practices … Continue reading »

Great Expectations

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With very little on the political or policy front now that the holiday is in swing, a small chuckle to pass along from Governor Schwarzenegger’s visit to the Sacramento Food Bank. The following is courtesy of the print pool report … Continue reading »

2020: More Latinos, More Senior Citizens

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A new report from the California Budget Project seems to paint a pciture of California 15 years from now that is even more ethnically diverse than today, while also older and less skilled for the workplace… trends which will likely … Continue reading »


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There’s a lot of time between now and the June primary. And for some of the candidates whose names will be on the ballot, a new poll shows they need all the time they can get. Today’s Field Poll tested … Continue reading »

LAO: No Deficit Next Year

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In a projection that promises to substantially reshape next year’s policy and political debate here at the Capitol, Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill now says the state’s finances will be in the black for 2006-7, and not the red. [You can … Continue reading »

Preschool Initiative: Signatures In

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A big policy discussion now appears headed to the June 2006 ballot: should the state raise taxes on higher-income earners, and use the proceeds to provide preschool education for every California child? The initiative, which has been spearheaded by actor/director/activist … Continue reading »

Paddling Back To The Center

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most important task in the coming year may be simple to understand, but much harder to achieve: get back to the political “center” of California. Former governor Jerry Brown likened it to paddling a canoe a little … Continue reading »

"I Take Full Responsibility"

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s evolution from tough talk to humble pie today swung towards the familiar… but probably effective… mea culpa. “I take full responsibility for this election,” the governor said at an afternoon news conference at the Capitol. “I take … Continue reading »

County By County

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Like many political junkies, I’m forever addicted to the color-coded maps distributed on Election Night through the Secretary of State’s website. And while you can’t draw too many conclusions from a county by county glance, there were some trends worth … Continue reading »