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Ad Watch: Prop 76

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The latest ad from Governor Schwarzenegger’s campaign has a clear message: if you’re opposed to a tax increase, vote yes on Proposition 76. But when you examine the way Prop 76 would impact the state budget process, you’re likely to … Continue reading »

George And Arnold

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The final week of this special election campaign will apparently include a new strategy from the opponents of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: an attempt to link the unpopular GOP governor to the unpopular GOP president. A progressive/liberal group of California Democrats … Continue reading »

Jury Summons Or Political Mailer?

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If you received an envelope with the slogan “JURY DUTY IS GOOD CITIZENSHIP” on the outside… would you think it’s a jury summons? Supporters of Proposition 77 think so… which is why they say they’re mad enough to file a … Continue reading »

Campaign Finance Reports

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The last big-picture glance at campaign cash is in reports filed today with the Secretary of State, and they seem to confirm the obvious: this election ain’t been cheap. The reports from the various and sundry committees are still trickling … Continue reading »

That Pesky Title And Summary

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If there’s one thing at least some of the opponents in the special election campaign can agree on, it seems to be that they don’t like the title and summary for some of the season’s initiatives. The “No on Proposition … Continue reading »

A Kinder, Gentler Governor?

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With most analysts saying his poll numbers are still struggling, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying something different in his new TV ad: what sounds like humility. Amid the loud chatter today about polls… both a soon-to-be-released public poll and private … Continue reading »


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Just passing along a note from our online team at KQED that several radio productions, including our statewide newscast The California Report, can now be subscribed to as podcasts. If you’re one of the iPod generation, click here to learn … Continue reading »

While We've Got You Here...

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger taped an hour-long forum this morning for Spanish language Univision, a discussion that veered into some of the issues–and complaints– that Latino voters have had with the man in the corner office. While there was discussion of … Continue reading »

Walnut Creek Wrap-Up

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A few sidenotes of interest from last night’s televised forum in Walnut Creek– one that, as we reported this morning on The California Report, didn’t seem to break much new ground, either in subject matter or rhetoric. * PROP 76 … Continue reading »

Questions... And Maybe Answers... Tonight

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Do voters already have their minds made up about the special election initiatives, or can those minds be changed? That’s the $64,000… umm, $150 million question… at stake– in part– tonight in Walnut Creek. The Lesher Center for the Arts … Continue reading »