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LAO: Prop 76 Analysis

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Today’s new analysis of the governor’s budget initiative from Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill will likely be read as reinforcing some of the arguments made by both supporters and critics. But it also highlights the fact that the initiative leaves some … Continue reading »

Nunez Returns Disputed Cash

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An update to an earlier posting… Late today, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-LA) returned contributions to his ballot initiative committee from fellow Democratic legislators… contributions that the state GOP argued were above the legal limits for contributions from candidate committees. … Continue reading »

Vetoed: Gay Marriage, Minimum Wage, Stem Cell Audit

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made good on his pledge to veto several high-profile bills from Democratic legislators, including the hot-button issue of same sex marriage. The governor’s office announced today the vetoing of 52 bills, including AB 849 by Assemblymember … Continue reading »

83 Minutes

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That’s how long it took the pharmaceutical industry-financed team behind Proposition 78 to provide reporters today with a study that draws a completely opposite conclusion to a study being hawked by the health access and union advocates behind Proposition 79. … Continue reading »

GOP Files Complaint Against Nunez, Dems

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The state Republican Party has accused Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-LA) and five other Democrats of breaking campaign finance rules, by shifting large sums of money from candidate controlled committees to a ballot measure committee. The complaint was filed yesterday … Continue reading »

"Party" Time

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There are a lot of political operations out there gearing up for this special election, and that includes the two major political parties in the state… which have each raised about $6 million through the first 8 months of the … Continue reading »

Rejected Nominee's Plan B

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Cindy Tuck didn’t get the job she might have wanted with the Schwarzenegger administration… but it turns out she did get a different administration job. You’ll remember Tuck was the governor’s choice to lead the California Air Resources Board and … Continue reading »

560 Decisions, 6 Days To Go

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That’s what is on the desk of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the deadline approaches for him to weigh in on the bills passed by the Legislature in the session that just ended. The governor’s press office says he received 704 … Continue reading »

Top Davis Aide Hired By Shriver

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One of the highest ranking advisers to former Governor Gray Davis is heading back inside the “horseshoe” offices of the governor, as chief of staff to First Lady Maria Shriver. Daniel Zingale served in a number of high profile jobs … Continue reading »

Prop 75 Slugfest

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This morning’s legislative hearing on the union dues initiative Proposition 75 may have been billed with milquetoast heading of “informational”, but it played out as a knock-down, drag-out political brawl. Majority Democrats, who politically have the most to lose if … Continue reading »