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Okay, Okay, I'll Go

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Governor Schwarzenegger is scheduled to visit the new UC-Merced campus tomorrow… but only after a couple of days of an awkward PR situation where it appeared he was passing on the opening of the new campus. The first new UC … Continue reading »

Air Board Nominee Rejected

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In what seemed like a foregone conclusion, Senate Democrats used their majority status this afternoon to reject Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s choice to lead the California Air Resources Board. In a marathon session of the Senate Rules Committee, Democrats used their … Continue reading »

Clear Your Paper Jams!

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A memo to staffers in the Capitol: if you’re photocopying a sensitive document–especially one that may be political in nature (and not official government work)– you might want to remove any paper jam and take the crumpled copy with you … Continue reading »

Assembly Dems Pounce On Governor's Missteps

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They may be seeking a change the rules that would apply to everyone, but the package of bills outlined today by three Democratic members of the Assembly all trace their origin to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “summer of snafus.” The bills … Continue reading »

No Rough And Tumble, Only Smooth Frozen Drinks

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For those of you who wonder what it’s like to be a political reporter, might I suggest you consider one example of the downside of this beat: trying to find anything newsworthy out of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s visit this morning … Continue reading »

Renewed Focus On Illegal Immigration

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The politics of illegal immigration is alive and well this week in California. One example: can– and should– Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declare an emergency along the state’s border with Mexico, following recent similar actions by the governors of Arizona and … Continue reading »

Poll: Behind The Headlines

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While this morning’s release of a new survey by the Public Policy Institute of California will make headlines (more low job approval numbers for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, voters think things are going in the wrong direction)… there’s a lot more … Continue reading »

"You're Probably Wondering Why I Called This Meeting..."

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The “Big Five” used to be a meeting that was called for the top dogs to negotiate the budget. Then, it morphed into a way to also negotiate issues of major importance, even issues that could be taken to the … Continue reading »

Prop 77 And The Governor's Lawyer

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[UPDATE: Audio is now online… click here, scroll down to this morning’s newscast] Legislative Democrats have now postponed next week’s hearing into what happened behind the scenes this summer with the redistricting initiative, Proposition 77. In part, the hearing was … Continue reading »

$100,000 A Day

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When semi-annual campaign finance reports came out earlier this month, there was a lot of buzz about how not only how much money Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had raised… but also about how little of it he had left. Times have … Continue reading »