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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Time Out

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A quick note to say you won’t see many postings this week, as I take a few days off from the Capitol beat for chores and a small amount of R&R. See you back here a week from today.

Prop 77 Gets The Boot... Now What?

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Judge Gail Ohanesian had heard almost three hours of arguments over the redistricting initiative Proposition 77, but took only about 25 minutes to retreat to her chambers and return with a ruling. And even Republicans in the courtroom seemed to … Continue reading »

"Like Running Through A Minefield"

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It’s pretty common that a governor holds an event on one subject, and gets peppered with questions from reporters about something else. Like his predecessors, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tried this morning to hold the questions to transportation issues while visiting … Continue reading »

New Redistricting Lawsuit Filed

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A second lawsuit has been filed in an effort to get Proposition 77 off the November 8 special election ballot, and this lawsuit includes the charge that the initiative could disenfranchise minority voters. The initiative would transfer the power of … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger: No Armed Minutemen

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be willing to judge the overall efforts of the volunteer border patrol group known as the Minutemen, but he apparently does have at least one firm opinion: they shouldn’t be carrying guns. At the weekly … Continue reading »

Prop 77 Briefs Filed

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Some interesting tidbits of information are found in court documents filed today by members of Secretary of State Bruce McPherson’s staff, part of the pending lawsuit that could force the redistricting initiative off the November 8th ballot. The documents seem … Continue reading »

Governor Cancels Consulting Deal

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After two days of nonstop criticism, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said late this afternoon that he has canceled his contract as a consultant to two bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The contract, first made public on Wednesday, was estimated to be worth … Continue reading »

Nunez: No Outside Income

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In the wake of news stories about the multi-million dollar consulting contract of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Speaker of the Assembly has sought to clarify that he no longer accepts outside income. This past spring, Speaker Fabian Nunez came under … Continue reading »

Prescription Drug Negotiations

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The halls of government are familiar territory for Billy Tauzin… but not the halls of state government in Sacramento. Tauzin, a longtime and well-known GOP congressman from Louisiana, is now president and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association … Continue reading »

Governor Taps Norquist Aide For Post

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Governor Schwarzenegger has appointed a consultant to conservative activist Grover Norquist to the state Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. This afternoon, Schwarzenegger’s office announced the selection of Ron Nehring of El Cajon for the board that is responsible for … Continue reading »