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Governor Wins Bid To Erase Contribution Limits

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If the tentative ruling issued today by a Sacramento Superior Court judge holds up, Governor Schwarzenegger will be able to return to the kind of initiative campaigns he has run in the past– ones that collect money in unlimited individual … Continue reading »

Help Wanted: Secretary of State

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Former Senator Bruce McPherson wasn’t fully confirmed this week as Secretary of State, after Assembly Democrats decided they wanted more time to deliberate. But many local elections officials say the longer the wait, the more time lost on some important … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger's Reform Credentials

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The political group of Schwarzenegger allies known as Citizens To Save California has settled on a package of reform initiatives for a special election. But the real question might be how dissension among Republicans will affect a campaign to get … Continue reading »

A Kiss To Build A Dream On...

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(With apologies to the late great Louis Armstrong and the song of the same name…) The morning photo op with Governor Schwarzenegger was supposed to be him signing legislation to create a new California Museum for History, Women, and the … Continue reading »

Lytton Compact: "It Should Be Rejected"

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A new statement opposing plans for a Bay Area Indian casino may have thrown a major monkey wrench in the casino’s future. And it comes from the lawmaker who paved the way for the casino in the first place. In … Continue reading »

Prepackaged News

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More debate today over the use of what the TV biz calls video news releases, or VNRs. While Democrats launched new criticism over VNRs being used by the governor’s administration, Republicans suggested there were two sides to the story. The … Continue reading »

Campaign Coffers Filling Up

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If the early money decisions of the pharmaceutical industry are any indication, the 2005 special election is going to end up costing an awful lot of cash. With the election still not official, some of the nation’s big drug manufacturers … Continue reading »

New Criticism Of State Grants

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A new audit of grants handed out by the Legislature largely calls the process in need of reform. You’ll remember the public scrutiny of some of these grants began last year, when questions were raised about a grant secured for … Continue reading »

Riding Off Into The Sunset

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Today was the end, for now, of the Kevin Shelley saga. The Secretary of State quietly left office as the day ended. Undersecretary of State Kathy Mitchell takes over as acting Secretary until the job is filled. The governor, as … Continue reading »

4 Days: $1,695,000

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That’s the total fundraising success so far this week for the “Friends of Schwarzenegger” committee known as Citizens To Save California. Campaign finance records (most easily seen on the website Election Track) show that CSC’s success is, in large part, … Continue reading »