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Schwarzenegger, Taxes, and Polls

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A small item of note today in the ongoing discussion of Governor Schwarzenegger and taxes and whether Californians actually may be willing to stomach something he isn’t. The governor called what amounted to an impromptu news conference this morning to … Continue reading »

"The Governor... Against The Legislators"

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Leave it to Governor Schwarzenegger to stir the pot when it comes to the Legislature, the budget, and his ability to take his ideas directly to the ballot. In a speech this afternoon to the Sacramento Press Club, the governor … Continue reading »

Budget Reforms: Special Series

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All this week on The California Report, we’re taking an in-depth look at some of the governor’s most ambitious proposals to reform the budget process. To listen to any segment of the series, you can check our website (updated after … Continue reading »

Governor's Budget Reforms On The Ballot?

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s allies have taken the first step towards giving him the same leverage on budget reforms that he used last year: the threat of an initiative. The Attorney General’s office has received a request to prepare the title and … Continue reading »

Dems Taking Budget On The Road

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In what appears to be a page out of the Schwarzenegger playbook, Senate Democrats are planning to take this year’s budget debate to city halls and community centers across California. Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata says lawmakers will hold … Continue reading »

Governor Denies Clemency

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declined to stop tonight’s scheduled execution of convicted murderer Donald Beardslee, denying a request for clemency and for a stay of the execution. Beardslee has claimed mental impairment at the time of the murders. But in … Continue reading »

Tribes Back Down On Controversial Gaming Machines

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California’s latest Indian gaming showdown is over, and the winner seems to be Governor Schwarzenegger. The administration has confirmed that disputed gaming machines have been removed by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from its casino near Temecula. The action … Continue reading »

Budget Autopilot: LAO Weighs In

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If there was one conclusion that seems safe to attribute to Legislative Analyst Liz Hill and her early take on the governor’s budget, it is this: the budget may propose changes to some of the “autopilot” spending practices, but those … Continue reading »

Shelley Gets Extra 24 Hours...

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The intrigue continues over whether Secretary of State Kevin Shelley will, in fact, appear before a joint legislative committee investigating him and his office, as the chair of the committee has now given Shelley until Thursday morning to respond. Monday’s … Continue reading »

Budget Show Packs A Few Surprises

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Some major elements of the governor’s budget have trickled out the last few days, but there were still a few surprises at the big event this afternoon… and more on the event in a moment. You can examine the entire … Continue reading »