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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Governor's Calendar: Lengthy But Vague

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The 377 pages of Governor Schwarzenegger’s calendar that were released Wednesday paint a picture of a governor in high demand, but the documents still leave a lot of questions about who actually met with him, and why. The documents that … Continue reading »

Governor's Budget Goes Internet-Only

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For years, the Capitol community has jumped into budget season each January with two documents: a lengthy overview of the governor’s budget (known as the summary or the “A-pages”), and the actual budget itself, some 1400 pages at last count. … Continue reading »

Auditor: Caltrans Program Management Needs Improving

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A new state audit of how Caltrans has handled the replacement of portions of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge points the finger of blame squarely back at the state agency itself. State Auditor Elaine Howle concludes that total cost estimates … Continue reading »

Governor's Calendar To Be Released

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Arnold Schwarzenegger appears ready to hand over what every governor since George Deukemejian has fought to keep private: his daily schedule of meetings and appointments. If you haven’t followed this closely, some background is in order: a legal battle that … Continue reading »

"This Will Be An Honest Budget"

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Those are the words of the governor’s new director of finance, Tom Campbell, who started an hourlong session with several reporters this afternoon by sharing this bit of honesty: he now projects the coming year’s deficit at $8.1 billion dollars. … Continue reading »

Millionaire Candidate Loses Election, Wins New Job

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Republican Steve Poizner spent more than $7 million dollars in a losing race for the state Assembly. And much of it was the Silicon Valley’s tech executive’s own money. That was the end of the story, until now. Governor Schwarzenegger … Continue reading »

Auditor: Shelley Used "Poor Management"

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The first formal investigation into allegations of wrongdoing hovering by Secretary of State Kevin Shelley is complete. Today’s report from State Auditor Elaine Howle focuses on where Shelley spent millions of dollars in federal election reform money, money from the … Continue reading »


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That’s how many Californians voted on November 2nd… the largest number of voters in California history, according to final figures from the office of Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. That total, almost 12.6 million voters, equates into 76.04% of the … Continue reading »

New Lawsuit Against Governor's Pension Bonds

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It appears the Schwarzenegger administration will now have to answer one of the legal questions left over from the Gray Davis budget plan: can the state sell bonds to cover the annual amount it pays into worker pension funds without … Continue reading »

Gay Couples Are "Spouses" When It Comes To Campaign Cash

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While California’s debate over gay marriage will begin in earnest next month with proposed legislation at the Capitol, the state’s political watchdog has already weighed in. The state Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) ruled this morning that as far as … Continue reading »