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Daily Archives: November 3, 2004

Fixing 3 Strikes?

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Governor Schwarzenegger also told reporters today that he would consider changes to the state’s three strikes law, even after he helped convince voters to reject a package of changes on Election Day. The governor says he thought Proposition 66 was … Continue reading »

Arnold: A Limit On New Slot Machines...

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Governor Schwarzenegger is now hinting that Indian tribes that still have not renegotiated with him may soon miss their chance at having more slot machines. In a wide-ranging and extensive news conference this afternoon with the Capitol press corps, the … Continue reading »

68 Degrees... Or Else!

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An interesting sight in the governor’s briefing room, Room 1190 of the state Capitol, just moments before Governor Schwarzenegger walked in for his post-election news conference. An employee of the state’s Department of General Services was walking back and forth … Continue reading »

Reading The Tea Leaves...

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As of this writing, we’re still not sure of how some of the larger issues from Election Day will end up. But we can assemble a few tidbits from the California political scene: * Coattails: Your overall opinion of Governor … Continue reading »