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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Stumping for the President, or Wants to be President?

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Governor Schwarzenegger campaigned for President Bush this evening in Columbus, Ohio and received what was at least a 5 minute standing ovation. He appeared comfortable standing behind the podium with the presidential seal on it. Maybe too comfortable. On CBS’ … Continue reading »

Following The Money...

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Election Day is now 5 days away, and the money is flowing to political races both large and small. At this point in the game, though, campaign finance records only tell part of the story. While it’s true that candidates … Continue reading »

Arnold: Vote Yes on 62

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Your reaction to Governor Schwarzenegger’s decision today to endorse the open primary initiative, Proposition 62, is likely to be based on whether you think he’s a politician outside of traditional party politics… or not. Prop 62 essentially says that the … Continue reading »

Governor Names Two to Energy Agency Board

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Governor Schwarzenegger today appointed two people to the board of the Independent System Operator (ISO), the agency that essentially oversees the state’s energy operations. Joining the board are Edward Cazalet, 62, of Los Altos Hills and Ken Wiseman, 53, of … Continue reading »

Help Wanted: New Budget "Genius"

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NOT AN EASY JOB: Budget watchers at the Capitol say it will not be easy for Governor Schwarzenegger to find a replacement for his soon-to-be-departing Finance Director, Donna Arudin, the person Schwarzenegger often referred to in news conferences as his … Continue reading »