Bay Area Bites Christmas Dinner Menu: 6 Fabulous Recipes

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Bay Area Bites Christmas Dinner Menu

Bay Area Bites shares a six-course Christmas Dinner Menu to celebrate the holiday.

Herb & Gruyere Gougères: Perfectly Cheesy Puffs for Holiday Appetizers
Even though these feel fancy and special, they are very quick to make and pop into the oven at a moment’s notice. They are great alongside just about anything: soup, salad, bubbly, or on their own.

An Elegant Starter: Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke) Soup with Chestnut Pesto
This silky, creamy vegetable soup gets a burst of flavor from extra lemony pesto. It’s special enough to kick off a holiday dinner, and easy enough to serve it for a cozy winter weeknight supper.

Christmas Kale Salad with Pomegranate,Tangerine and Avocado
Why do you need another kale salad recipe? Because not only will this one blow your mind with awesomeness, but I can give you five good reasons to make it.

Glamorous Comfort Food: Succulent Braised Short Ribs for Christmas
Rich and decadent doesn’t have to mean hours sweating over the stove, or a huge dent in your wallet. Make these succulent braised short ribs the centerpiece of your Christmas dinner, and you won’t be disappointed.

British-Style Roasties: A Whole New Potato
These roasted potatoes are classic in the UK but unbeknownst to most Americans, so I’m going to introduce you. Meet the crispy, creamy, decadent rock stars of the potato world.

Decadent Dessert: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Caramelized Blood Oranges
Wobbly panna cotta, which means “cooked cream” in Italian, is a light but decadent dessert worthy of the holidays. It is the perfect antidote to a rich and heavy dinner.

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