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Guacamole And The Five Year-Old Chinese Woman

Guacamole And The Five Year-Old Chinese Woman

| July 23, 2010 | 2 Comments

Avocado (for dry skin), tomato (for those dreadful oily patches), and lime (for flavor and eye-irritation). Both the girls enjoyed mashing the ingredients together.

Zelly was game for smearing the mush on her face, but India would have none of it.

“But India, it’ll make your skin soft and beautiful,” coaxed Zelly.

“I already have soft, beautiful skin,” countered her sister.

I was about to explain that it would do her a world of good by making her look years younger until I realized that a five year-old might end up looking like a newborn and therefore wouldn’t find that appealing in the least. I let the matter drop.

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