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A Fine Case of Crabs.

A Fine Case of Crabs.

| February 6, 2009 | 2 Comments

Early this week, I received a rather frantic phone call from a friend of mine.

“Hi, I know I only call you when I need a favor…”, she said, which is entirely untrue.

“Do you know anyone who’d want a case of live crabs? Like, right now?” I was hoping she meant food-grade crabs. Not pthius pubis.

“I was going to send a case of Dungeness crabs to the East Coast, but that’s not happening anymore and I’m… well… I’m not going to touch them.”

I told her I didn’t know anyone off hand who would want them, but that I would post an alert on my Facebook page, since I’ve got at least a good 50 food freaks on my friends list who always seem to be online.

I hung up the phone.

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