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Sustainable Urban Design at Castlemont High

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The Education Blog May 29, 2012 Written By Katy Murphy The Sustainable Urban Design Academy is slated to expand this fall as part of Castlemont’s controversial merger and redesign — which was the subject of an early morning protest on … Continue reading »

Video: What would you do?

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KQED and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) youth programs; BUMP Records and The Factory are collaborating to create local videos by youth that address the high school dropout rate in Oakland, CA. Here is an example of what is to … Continue reading »

Video: Too Young To Fail: Just Listen To Me, Tavis Smiley

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“I really didn’t like school until I came to Promise Academy,” says Jamill Jackson, a student at the Roberts Vaux Promise Academy in Philadelphia. “I really didn’t wake up until high school.” Watch this video of Jackson and his schoolmate … Continue reading »

American Graduate Initiative : Let’s Make It Happen

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American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen builds on public broadcasting’s long-standing commitment to education by convening conversations and strengthening partnerships between public radio and television stations and local schools, businesses, and community organizations – all with the goal of helping … Continue reading »

CPB launched American Graduate on May 3, 2011 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

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