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SF Gate: Tiny Marin County district clings to struggling school

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Story: Jill Tucker Photo: Paul Chinn Despite the state’s economic recovery, a Marin County school district is struggling to make ends meet and is planning to cut teachers, administrators and special programs in the coming months. While unusual, that wouldn’t normally … Continue reading »

SF Gate: June Jordan School for Equity gets a break on testing

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Story by Jill Tucker Photos by Mike Kepka Normally at this time of year, teachers and administrators at San Francisco’s June Jordan School for Equity would be starting to gear up for the standardized tests given to students early in … Continue reading »

Even Odds: Fighting the odds for Oakland's young black males

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Story by Jill Tucker It was the first Monday in May, and Thomas Logwood was heading to class. There were just six weeks until the end of the school year at Castlemont High inOakland, and every week seemed to bring another … Continue reading »