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2012 Teacher Innovator Awards

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Brought to you by PBS LearningMedia and The Henry Ford  We want to recognize YOU — America’s innovative PreK-12 classroom educators, media specialists, technology coordinators and homeschool educators who use digital media to enhance student learning. Thirty winners across grades … Continue reading »

KQED News: Oakland School District and Feds Agree on Changes to School Discipline

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October 1, 2012 By Barbara Grady The Oakland Unified School District board agreed Thursday night to take  specific steps to eradicate racial bias in school discipline, voting unanimously to enter a voluntary resolution with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office … Continue reading »

Los Angeles Times: Oakland schools to let feds monitor discipline of black students

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By Stephen Ceasar October 1, 2012 The Oakland Unified School District and the U.S. Department of Education reached an agreement last week that would allow federal officials to monitor the district’s efforts to curb the number of out-of-school suspensions of … Continue reading »

Dropout Nation on Frontline Tonight!

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As part of the American Graduate initiative, FRONTLINE will premiere “Dropout Nation,” a special two-hour documentary portrait of four students in crisis and the teachers, counselors, and principal waging a daily struggle to get them to graduation. The film airs … Continue reading »

Public Media to Launch First-Ever AMERICAN GRADUATE DAY on September 22, 2012

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September 21, 2012 September 22, 2012 is American Graduate Day, a multi- platform event featuring a live television broadcast, radio playlist with premiere documentaries, and participation from more than 20 national partner organizations, celebrities and athletes to spotlight solutions to … Continue reading »

Behind "An American Graduate" Album

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BAVC Blog August 14, 2012 Written by: Chris Runde Since March of this year, musicians and filmmakers in BAVC’s Next Gen youth programs have been contributing to a nationwide project focusing on the high school dropout crisis in the United … Continue reading »

Minority Teachers in the United States – Really a Minority

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Voxxi July 12, 2012 Written By Hope Gillette For decades, the presence of teachers representing minority groups has been sorely lacking in the education system in the United States. That’s the conclusion offered by a report from a study by … Continue reading »

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour: How Can Videos "Flip The Classroom"?

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TED Radio Hour June 22, 2012 TED/NPR Staff In 2004, Salman Khan, a senior hedge fund analyst, began posting math tutorials on YouTube for his cousins. Six years later, he’s posted more than 3,200 carefully structured educational videos offering complete … Continue reading »

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour: How Do Schools Suffocate Creativity?

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KQED News June 22, 2012 Written by: NPR/TED Staff Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Building A Better Classroom. Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s full Talks — Schools Kill Creativity and Bring On The Learning Revolution — on … Continue reading »

Radio Broadcast: Can Girls' Education Change the World?

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There is a growing consensus among economists and world leaders that girls’ education is the single most effective tool for fighting poverty in developing countries. While not a panacea, education yields enormous benefits for girls, their families, and society, including … Continue reading »