KQED: High-Performing American Indian Charter School Struggles for Survival

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April 15, 2013
By Laird Harrison
Sometimes success is not enough. Students at the American Indian Model Schools have consistently outperformed most of their peers, nationwide. But Sunday night found parents and board members groping for a way to keep the schools' doors open.

The Oakland School Board voted on March 20 to revoke the schools' charter at the end of the year because of financial improprieties. At an emergency meeting on Sunday night, parents, teachers and administrators tried to figure out how they could effectively appeal the decision.

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Comments (1)

  1. A Parent says:

    Chavis has basicly taken the Catholic school model without the kindness and spritual values and applied it here. The problem is the place has become a cult w/ Chavis believing he could raid the public treasury because he has a “vision.” The Board should have cut ALL ties w/ him years ago. The teachers are great, the kids are great. The people managing the school are disorginized fanatics and just plain crooks!
    To bad. Chavis and his groopies will go to the graybar hotel, but the kids will get screwed!