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Oakland Local: Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Fest presents 1st place winning poetry

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Castlemont Orators

MLK Oratorical Fest award winning poet D'Angelo Crosby, far right with blue ribbon, and his Castlemont High School classmates

March 18, 2013By

D'Angelo Crosby

Oakland's Castlemont High School student D'Angelo Crosby won first place for original poetry with this poem about his life during the Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Fest Regional competition 2013.





The Struggle

Mommy and daddy died

When I was young

Felt a lot like losing one of your two lungs

And sister was all I had growing up

She gave me things

But to some people that was a bit much

But I can't complain

Because things happen for a reason

All the pain and struggle was the best part of my season

And even though sometimes I felt like leaving

It was their love and support that was keeping

Me away from the edge

And leaping

Into darkness

Seeking something that I couldn't find that was leading

Me down the wrong path


Pleading for healing

But only getting a worse beating

Inside it was like not knowing the plays while in the huddle

Or a drug dealer

That couldn't find their bundle

I tried so hard to understand why

But I guess it's just the way it is in the struggle
~Copyright 2013 D'Angelo Crosby

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