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SF Gate: Oakland Blog: High school students cast ballots at Oakland Youth Vote Forum

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In the Castlemont High School library, Da’Janique White, 17, stood with a mic in hand, demanding more energy from her fellow students. “Okay, listen. I don’t like dead crowds. I don’t like people not being participation-ish,” said the Fremont High School senior. “Seriously. So, y’all gotta boost it up for me a little bit, okay?”

As president of the All City Council (ACC), the Oakland student government body, White was charged with getting the young crowd that was gathered there pumped up to vote.

The Oakland Youth Vote Forum 2012 drew nearly 90 high schoolers to East Oakland on Tuesday after school. Hosted by the ACC and other Oakland youth organizations, the event featured Oakland city council and school board candidates in a forum with pre-selected questions asked by students. At the end, students submitted their orange ballots, checking off the names of the people they wanted in office. Though most of the attendees are too young to vote in the general election on November 6, they were excited to see the candidates in person and hear a forum-style argument about issues specific to students.

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