Contra Costa Times: Education Report: 13 Oakland schools to lose a teacher because of bad enrollment projections

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October 10, 2012
By Katy Murphy

This year, 14 teachers are being moved to other schools, a process known as "consolidation," because fewer students enrolled in a particular school than the district expected, the Oakland school district has reported.

Enrollment projections are complicated, especially when school closures and new charter schools are in the picture, as was the case here. Another problem, which affects even the most popular schools? When families admitted to a school don't bother to tell anyone they're sending their child elsewhere -- essentially, holding their spots until the last minute.

According to a report I requested from OUSD, 14 teachers from 13 schools are being reassigned in what's become an annual process to balance the budget. They're from Bella Vista, Cleveland, Hoover, Kaiser, Claremont, Melrose Leadership Academy, Bret Harte, Roosevelt, Frick (two teachers), Piedmont Avenue, Allendale, La Escuelita and Rise. The report also included three vacant positions that are being consolidated at Burckhalter, Markham and Grass Valley elementary schools.

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