Fixing The Schools: California Schools Need More Money and Fundamental Reform

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Union Tribune San Diego
Posted on 03/29/12
Written by Antonio Villaraigosa and Arun Ramanathan
The month of March has always symbolized spring – a time for rebirth and the start of something new. For early-career teachers across California, this month has come to symbolize changes far less sunny. This is the month thousands and thousands of pink slips go out to teachers, principals and instructional support staff informing them that, come the end of the school year, they might be packing up their books and lesson plans for good.

These layoffs are a direct result of the continuing cuts in state education funding. And this year the outlook is especially bleak. No one can be certain that voters will support any of the ballot initiatives to restore education funding, so districts are left preparing for the worst-case scenario and making their deepest cuts yet.

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